Son of an independent coach-maker, DeLaPerouze was born in Canton Fribourg (Switzerland) on the 19th of May 1964.

From his young days, he was surrounded by the smell of paint and the vaporous scent of solvent. This probably might have something to do with the way he sees life today.

By working at his father’s side, he gained experiences about the skills of paint technics and from 1988 to 2000 he could built up a strong reputation in the field of airbrush design on Harley-Davidsons and other customized vehicles with a predilection for fantastical hyperrealism, specially on Harley-Davidson’s petrol tanks.

His encounter with the artist Sara.H (painter and sculptor) and the creation of their first workshop in the ninetees brought him to discover a three dimensional world and led him to realise paintings and then sculptures.

Today, his art consist of an attractive “close to reality” representation, sometimes provocative or disturbing depending on the different pieces.

Creator of the now famous “Tetra-Cow” (cow inspired by a milk box) that has been his main challenge since ten years, he continues to give it countless forms for the delight of collectors worldwilde.

His masterpiece created with Sara.H in 2006 is the “Nation’s Tétra-Poya”. Today the largest “Poya” in the world with 460m2 of trompe-l’oeil (mural) painted on the facade of the Hôtel des Nations in Geneva. It represents the cows’ ascent to high mountain pasture. The masterpiece combines tradition with modernity by relating the city and local history with humour and poetry.

In Switzerland, his home country, some qualify him as an iconoclast, a characteristic he doesn’t dispute. Instead of persisting in a given line or style, his intention is to combine a variety of technics and ways to create unique art pieces. A situation, a gesture or a word are enough to give birth to a creative idea or to an imprudent play on words.

The aim of his artistic creation is magnificently defined on one quote of Balzac :

“The mission of art
is not to copy nature,
but to express it.”

(H. Balzac)

With the support of the Association Voir c’est Toucher ( and the experience gained from the creation of the Parc de la Légende in Lausanne (Switzerland), DeLaPerouze embarks on new projects in collaboration with The artist Sara.H, who will follow the same concept.

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